Science Fair

Ice, bread, peroxide, paper plates, and mold. What’s going on? Don’t worry, it’s just our annual science fair! After learning their grade level science standards, every student completes a standards based project, on a topic that meets their interests. Individually or with a partner, students construct a trifold display board while working through each step of the scientific method. Check out the winners below!

Kindergarten — all works together to se if temperature affected bubbles

1st grade– Lillian and Graham tested to se how different liquids affected egg shells

2nd & 3rd grade– Tyler and Adam– investigated which paper towel absorbed the best

2nd– Jahan and Victoria learned how plants eat and drink

3rd grade– Daria and Vivienne tested to se if gluten free or white bread grew mold faster

4th– Ellis and Adam– tested how fast cars traveled different surfaces

5th– Daen and Liam tested how hand dominance was affected at different temperatures

6th– Sophia learned how heating the oxygen in a marshmallow was affected by heating

7th grade– Chris and Jonathan learned how different lights affected photosynthesis

8th grade– Watson tested the pH levels of different candies. Luke investigated how thick and thin wires affected conduction of electricity. Charlie made observations to learn how magnetism helped electrical currents flow. Dan tested the cooling mint herb to see how it affected convection.