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The Newton School is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.

The Newton School, which opened in 2009 and currently serves grade K-4 in our Lower School and grades 5-8 in our Middle School, is designed for bright children who benefit and thrive in small class sizes, with an individualized and flexible approach to learning, some social facilitation and lots of physical activity built into the school curriculum. Our belief is that integrating movement into the school day helps enhance academic performance, improve physical ability, build self-esteem, and prepare children to better meet life’s challenges.

If you are interested in learning more about The Newton School, please contact Allison Abraham, Director & Founder, at

Recent News

Gingerbread Houses!

January 6, 2022

The students celebrated the holidays by making gingerbread houses! Check out their engineering skills as they worked with icing to get the walls and roof to stay together. They then utilized their creativity to make these into adorable structures. It was a fun project for all!

Community Service Project

December 9, 2021

Our students in grades 5-8 supported Loudoun Pet Pantry by running a pet food drive and making dog and cat blankets from fleece. We delivered over 1,000 pounds of food to the Pantry and 24 blankets to keep the animals warm. They needed that this week!

Mentoring Program

November 30, 2021

Every Friday, our 8th grade students participate in our mentoring program, providing guidance to our younger students in grades K-2. The group, led by one of our middle school teachers, Ms. Swarns, does a different activity every week – from reading books, to doing puzzles, to building with legos or blocks, to working with playdough. Each 8th grade student is paired with a younger counterpart and works to build an engaging relationship. This is such a great opportunity to have our older students show their maturity and support, and for our younger students to be further connected to our school community. Check out the Thanksgiving project they made together!

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“My son has attended The Newton School since Kindergarten and will be graduating from 8th grade this year.  Our experience at Newton has been nothing short of amazing, in every possible way. The director, Allison is an extraordinary person who has been very involved in his academic progression since the onset. The school offers individualized attention for their students, along with a very warm, positive learning environment, which is turn allows each child to thrive. Every teacher has been nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, Allison has set the bar so high, that I still can’t believe he will have to attend a new high school this fall. Every staff member goes above and beyond for their students. I am so very thankful my son has attended this uniquely special school for the past nine years. I am forever indebted to The Newton School for providing my son with the best educational experience one could wish for. ”

– Mom to an 8th grader

“Like all families, we were hit with the pandemic remote learning like a can of bricks. To say it did not work for our child who was already struggling tremendously in public school is an understatement. We found the Newton School by chance and were hesitant to take the leap to a private school located far from home, but I am SO grateful we did. The Newton School is where my child has learned to love learning. She is now a budding scientist, an avid reader and an aspiring artist. The mix of academics, physical breaks, the arts and social/emotional learning has been beyond valuable for my 2nd grader. My child is thriving, thanks to the amazing environment Allison Abraham has built.”

— Parents of a 2nd grader

“This is my son’s first year at the Newton School and he is thriving! Even with the challenges associated with a pandemic, the head of the school, Allison Abraham, and the highly-talented teachers/staff have managed to keep the school running in-person — all year long — without incident. The school was very upfront about what safety measures (both in school and at home) were needed to keep the entire community safe … and it worked! I also find that the school as a whole to be very transparent, has clear communication and truly believes in supporting the positive growth and development of its students as well as the entire school community.

“As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Newton School is unique in that it addresses the “whole child,” focusing not only on academics, but their social and emotional growth as well. The school is able to accomplish this through its small group instruction, personalized attention, and respectful/supportive culture, as well as its integrated social and movement programs. This, together with the school’s highly qualified teachers has given my son the individualized support he needs to succeed. Furthermore, the school has helped build my son’s confidence and self-esteem through positive reinforcement, classroom responsibility, community outreach, and character development. We also love the fact that we receive daily sheets with written comments from each teacher about what and how our son is doing in each subject. It even includes a current event/hot topic discussed at school, which makes for great conversation at the dinner table each night.

“The Newton School is a very special place and we truly are blessed to be a part of it. The school recognizes and accepts my son as an individual, considers his learning needs, and creates appropriate growth opportunities — what more could you ask for! Thank you Newton School!”


— Mom of a fifth grader

“Our daughter is graduating from 8th grade this June, after 6 wonderful years at The Newton School. Newton’s small class sizes, individualized approach, positive culture, and truly stellar teachers have made such a difference in her life, as well as in our whole family. Newton provides an outstanding academic experience, while supporting the student’s growth and maturation into a well-rounded individual. They do this by integrating the elements of academics, movement, and social skills into a consistent experience which is both challenging and nurturing. Newton is not just a school, but a home away from home. No aspect of the student’s experience is neglected.

“Newton puts the highest priority on retaining the best teachers, and it shows. Our daughter has never had a sub-par experience with any of her teachers, and has come to view a few of them as close personal mentors. Some of these teachers have gone above and beyond for our family, helping us to support our daughter at home in ways that go far beyond academics.

“Finally, Newton is the most professional school I have ever dealt with. Everything they do, from running buses to offering after-school activities to parent communication, is well-executed. As a parent, I know my daughter is in a safe, nurturing environment every single day, and this offers priceless peace of mind.

“Our daughter loves school. She looks forward to going each morning, and comes running out of the building each day with a huge grin, happy and exhausted and proud of what she has accomplished.”

— Mom of an eighth grader

“In our view The Newton School is the best kept secret in education, bar none. Our son has been a student of Newton’s since first grade (now a thriving sixth grader!). In his time with Newton, he has come from a pretty low educational base to a high achieving, motivated, and all around happy and stress free child. All of this is directly attributable to Newton. Allison and her wonderful team have created an incredibly rigorous, caring, and exciting learning environment. To this day we are in awe how well organized and prepared Allison and team were for the life altering event that has been the covid-19 pandemic. The academic standards have remained exceptionally high, and more importantly, a safe and healthy ecosystem continues to be maintained for both the kids and teachers. We highly recommend Newton as an institution, and do regularly recommend it to personal friends and acquaintances.”

— Parents of a sixth grader

“Our family loves The Newton School! The small class sizes allow the teachers to tailor class work and other assignments to match our son’s needs and abilities. Our son loves the extended physical activity and the weekly field trips. The teachers, staff, and Mrs. Abraham are exceptional in their commitment to all students and in their knowledge of a student’s unique strengths, interests, and challenges. As parents, we couldn’t be more pleased with The Newton School.”

— Mother of a third grader

“We are so thankful for The Newton School for our 7th grade son. He is thriving in the small classroom environment and we love that things like social skills, cooking, and lots of movement are part of their curriculum. Allison Abraham’s hard work and dedication, as well as the staff, are evident in every communication between parents and school. The school has also handled the COVID-19 pandemic very safely and worked hard to keep school open which we appreciate immensely. If you have a student that does not thrive in a traditional learning environment, I would highly recommend you check out The Newton School!”

— Mother of a seventh grader

“Newton is truly an extraordinary school! The staff is dedicated and committed to knowing our son. Over the past year, he has become a productive and happy learner. Both Allison and his teachers have made it their daily job to help him through his challenges and see to his success as a young learner. At his old school, our son struggled to even just be present and cooperative in the classroom. Now he is engaged and enjoys going to school every day! My husband and I could not be more grateful that we found Newton, and that they welcomed our son into their community with such enthusiasm!”

— Mother of a first grader

“The Newton School is an institution that has provided an incomparable learning experience for our child. Our son went from an emotionally distressed student to one that is eager to walk into school each day. The teachers and school administration work harmoniously with a singular purpose, to enhance the minds of each student and it shows.”

— Mother to a sixth grader

“In the two years our son has attended The Newton School for middle school, he has made tremendous progress in his academic success and confidence all to the credit of his teachers and principal. They have taken great care and immense resources to understand his learning style and help him to develop tools and skills to be successful. Equally important, he enjoys school, and his teachers have fostered a love of learning in him. The founder Allison Abraham possesses a drive and tenacity unlike anyone we have ever known. She works tirelessly for her students, her staff and her school’s success every day, yet she is also accessible to parents and very quickly responds to our questions or needs. She was an invaluable resource to us this year when selecting and applying to high schools and advocating for our son. The Newton School teachers and staff have truly changed the trajectory of our son’s life to a brighter path.” 

— Parents to an eighth grader