The Newton School, which opened in 2009 and currently serves grade K-5 in our Lower School and grades 6-8 in our Middle School, is designed for bright children who benefit and thrive in a less traditional school environment. The School offers small class sizes, an individualized and flexible approach to learning, social facilitation and lots of physical activity built into the school curriculum. Our belief is that integrating movement into the school day helps enhance academic performance, improve physical ability, build self-esteem, and prepare children to better meet life’s challenges.

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A Day of Team Building at AdventureLinks

October 14, 2016

The students in grades 5-8 faced the ultimate team building challenge this past week at AdventureLinks at Hemlock Regional Park in Clifton, VA!  Our students had to work as a cohesive group and rely on one another to complete a variety of tasks and games in a day long field trip. They crossed a “dangerous crocodile filled swamp” with only three logs, they swung across a deep and murky “Peanut Butter Pit”, and they rebuilt the “Pyramids”!  Each member worked on communication, planning, problem solving, leadership (and following others!), and having fun! There were added twists and challenges to every activity, sometimes utilizing only non-verbal queues or requiring blind folds – but the whole day was a learning experience in how to work with others and be successful as a group.  Following the group challenges, our students had the pleasure of riding the 160 yard zipline through the forest!  The students had a blast at AdventureLinks and more importantly, learned many valuable lessons to help them succeed.


Guest Speaker Jane Goodall

September 27, 2016

“You inspire me!” The Newton School had the distinguished pleasure of hosting Dr. Jane Goodall for a special event! As part of our Roots and Shoots program and many thanks to the Graff family, Dr. Goodall visited the Newton School and imparted her fascinating wisdom on our students and many parents. After greeting us in English, French, and Chimpanzee, Goodall detailed many of her exciting adventures through stories and videos. We learned about the habits of chimpanzees and how alike the species are to humans! There were harrowing tales of a chimpanzee rescuing a fellow researcher, a redemptive tale of rescue involving Dr. Goodall’s sanctuary in the Congo, and many tales of the positive change and progress students like ours can make around the world. Our students asked a variety of questions after Dr. Goodall’s presentation, where we found out about her further environmental and ethological research involving baboons and hyenas. Students took pictures with Goodall and we all went home with a copy of her book. It was an absolute honor to have Dr. Goodall passionately speak to us and she had quite an impact on our students as well as the community at large, as seen in the Washington Post article and mentions on the radio! We at the Newton School hope we can live up to Dr. Goodall’s inspiring example and create a better planet for the future!


Children’s Science Center

September 16, 2016

We were overjoyed as we visited the Children’s Science Center in Fair Oaks Mall! All of our students became researchers and lab technicians as we studied and experimented with a plethora of science modules! We engineered hover crafts through a wind tunnel, calculated the potential energy of a Rube Goldberg machine while we tinkered with the pieces, we had the breath taking experience of touching Sea Horses and a miniature shark in the dry bar, it was a renaissance of research! We were assisted in all these stations by the fantastic staff who broke down the science behind many of the hands on exhibits, and walked us through the steps to perfecting our scientific methods! The lessons varied between grades but were always perfect for keeping our students engaged and thinking! We cannot recommend the Children’s Science Center in Fair Oaks Mall enough and look forward to new exhibits in the future!

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“Our son has been in Newton for the past year and half now and we couldn’t be happier. He is excited about school and he is progressing academically because they customize the programs to meet and challenge him when necessary. He has made friends again and they work hard in teaching him the social skills where he lacks them. 

What’s special about Newton is that the teachers and the principal, Allison Abraham, do not shy away from challenges. They embrace each kid’s individuality. They work with the kid and the parents to come up with solutions. Allison is always open to suggestions and will help guide us when we need her expertise and observations. When there is an issue at hand, we know that we can address it without the fear of negative judgment but instead with the positive reinforcement of a team. That is what we’ve found in Newton! ”

— Mom to a Second grader

“I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with Newton. My son is in the seventh grade at the school. We moved him during third grade from a Fairfax County public school. The small classroom sizes and individual attention are just one of the things that make this school so special. My son’s teachers are passionate about what they do and truly take an interest in his success. They actually get excited when my child does well on a test! This unique school is how all schools should function… blocks of classroom time that are followed by exercise time in the gym , field trips to learn hands on about particular topics, elective blocks to introduce kids to yoga, art, etc..Newton is one of a kind. My son tells me quite frequently how happy he is at Newton and how lucky he is that he doesn’t have to go to his old school. The only negative I see is that it only goes up to the eighth grade. We have been so spoiled at Newton that I can only hope to find such a perfect place for my son for high school. Run, don’t walk to see this fabulous school. You will not be disappointed. “”

— Mom to a Seventh grader

“I can’t say enough positive things about Allison Abraham and the entire staff at the Newton School. My daughter enrolled there in seventh grade after I had watched her spirit, motivation, performance and self-esteem slowly die over six years in public school. Now she is flourishing beyond our wildest dreams at the Newton School! Within a few weeks there I felt like I had my daughter back: she was engaged, happy, confident and surrounded by accepting friends and teachers. I attribute her great transformation to Allison, her staff and their thoughtful, optimistic and inclusive vision of what a school should be. The class sizes are small enough that the dedicated teachers can successfully teach each student. The academic expectations are uniquely challenging and students’ behavior is expected to be the best it can be. All those things combined, the school environment is a warm, safe, hopeful and successful community for everyone there. It’s home. My only regret is that I didn’t send my daughter there much sooner. I am certain that her earlier childhood would have been happy rather than anxiety-ridden as it was. Very fortunately those times are far behind us and we will be forever grateful for the Newton School and how my daughter’s experience there has transformed all of our lives. ”

— Mom to a Seventh grader

“Sometimes in life things just seem meant to be. That’s the way we feel about our son and The Newton School ─ a perfect match. He tried his best at our public school. But the traditional school environment, where he had to sit for long blocks of time with lots of classroom distractions, just wasn’t a good fit, despite everyone’s best efforts. Inquisitive and hard-working, the last thing we wanted was for him to lose his enthusiasm for learning but over time his anxiety about school rose. We knew we had to make a change. We thought about the qualities we would like to see in a school that would provide our son with the best environment to thrive ─ a well-rounded, strong academic program in a nurturing atmosphere; an appreciation for the distinctive strengths and challenges of each student with plenty of physical activity woven into the overall educational experience; a highly talented and accessible faculty and administration; and a close bond between the school, students, and their families. All the above is exactly the school Allison Abraham has created in Newton. Now at the dinner table our son talks about his school day with a big smile on his face. Bravo Newton! ”

— Father of a second grader

“This morning as my son was getting ready for school, he was all smiles. He cracked jokes, sang silly songs and talked to me about his week. I moved him from LCPS to the Newton School about a month ago. Before the move, getting ready for school was an entirely different ordeal because my son was filled with dread, despair and hopelessness. I would feel a little queasy when I dropped him off at school because he felt so defeated before even walking in the door. It’s hard for even me to believe that this was our life just one month ago. 

Once my son started at the Newton School, everything turned around. The school quickly restored my child’s love of learning and his confidence returning him to a happy, fun-loving kid. And not only is he happy, he told me last week that he found his toughest subject, writing relaxing! This is the most positive thing he has ever said about writing. Kudos to the fine teachers and staff at Newton for bringing the joy back to learning and restoring my child’s confidence and sense of self-worth!! “.

— Mother of a fourth grader

“The dedication of the teachers and their whole approach has given back our two children a love of learning – something they lost in public school. The kids love the celebrations, science experiments, and field trips. They are constantly challenged but supported to achieve success – our daughter delights in reading at an accelerated pace simply not available in public school. 

The small class size, experience and training of the teachers has contributed to the revolution. Our son has told me, many times, that for the first time he is able to think at school. At 11, he knows he needs a small classroom and the focused support. He recognizes the benefits of a quiet environment with lots of movement in between to burn the energy and stimulate the whole body. 

The daily report provides detail, clarity and content for dinner conversation and, most importantly, an awareness of what happens in our children’s lives at school beyond anything we were able to ascertain from FCPS – even with similar tools in place – the difference in the quality of the communication is key. 

Further, our home life is much more happy and peaceful. No more tears over homework. ” 

— Parents of a third and fifth grader

“We are so happy to join “The Newton School”. During those two middle school years, my son really enjoyed the small class size and the teachers’ attention and supports. The school put extra effort to improve kids’ learning skills by hiring an external company to train their cognitive skills, processing speed and memories, etc. Big improvement on my son’s report card compared to the ones in public school. Because of the extra support he received, he became more motivated and more enthusiastic about school work. He loved to participate in class discussions and willing to complete his classwork and homework on time. My son also so looked forward to attending the field trip that occurs every Thursday. He also loved the movement in between the classes. Allison and the teachers are very supportive and responsive to the family needs. Parents received daily sheets with written comments from each teacher about how the student is doing on each subject. School buses have made life easy for parents each day. Before my son came to “The Newton School”, I was very skeptical about this place. Now, I am glad I made an excellent decision; and I wish I would have brought him here earlier.”

— Mother of an eighth grader

“Newton? This place is just home. It’s the only place my daughter could thrive and be understood. I love the amazing academics and individualized pacing that has gotten my developmentally delayed child far above grade level in every subject. But I’d like to focus on the social, behavioral and life-skills benefits uniquely offered by the Newton School. The standard curriculum includes unheard of teachings like organization skills, social skills, mindfulness, yoga, study skills, writing workshops — you name it — they cover it. And none of this is pull out, so it gets practiced across all the classrooms and without stigma. But what has changed our world even more is the approach to behavior and discipline. Even when your child has a bad day or a new behavior, there is a sense of camaraderie to find a solution. There is no underlying message to the child’s self-esteem of not being good enough or being a problem child. There’s no message to you that you’re not doing enough as a parent. There’s simply an idea of “how can we work together to help this child overcome this (new) problem.” And most of the solutions are positive, proactive ones that focus around achieving things, learning, and being responsible. They add to the child’s (and parent’s) toolbox. In our time at the school, I’ve seen these answers range from visual tracking of small parts of the target behavior (so the child is not overwhelmed and has more frequent success), to meeting hidden sensory needs, to teaching the missing skills that caused the problem, to granting additional responsibilities earned through meeting target behavior, to journaling as a way to calm/reflect/learn/communicate. Trust me, this is not the response you’d get anywhere else. My daughter and I have been on the receiving end of the average response enough times to know the damage it can cause and the miracle that is the family at the Newton School. ”

— Mother of a fourth grader

“Our son will be graduating from 8th grade this June and has been at the Newton School since 2nd grade. We can’t speak highly enough about the learning environment at the Newton School. Teachers build one-on-one relationships with students – often over many years – to create an environment of trust and support. Allison Abraham and the teaching team take an individualized approach to each child, working hand-in-hand with parents to develop clear academic and social goals each year. Approaches to summer activities, camps and tutoring are discussed to provide the most benefit to students. As our son transitions to high school, I have especially appreciated the expertise, input and guidance from Allison and the teaching team on testing, school options and making a final selection. Our son has been well-prepared academically for high school through the development of executive functioning skills and direct instruction on writing. He’s developed a love for science and history and has made steady progress in math. He has loved his time at the Newton School which he calls his “home away from home.”

— Mother of an eighth grader

“The Newton School has been a truly transformative force in our son’s educational journey, and has helped him develop in more than just academic ways. From our very first encounter with Allison and her wonderful team our son was / continues to be so excited to be part of the school, and that alone made us realize Newton was something special. Overnight he’s gone from hating the prospect of school (while at his old institution), to getting terribly upset over any day he has to miss going to Newton. As parents we went from a sense of genuine hopelessness seeing our child struggling and falling behind academically to seeing him blossom and demonstrating fantastic academic progress. We love that the school has a mainstream curriculum but still caters to the individual learner. The fact that the school has a very low teacher-to-student ratio and small class sizes means that he gets the assistance he needs for his academic, physical and emotional growth. 

The support of the teachers and Allison has been outstanding. We could not thank them enough.”

— Parents of a first grader

“The Newton School is an extraordinary school with amazing leadership and heart. My son has attended The Newton School for 7 years and it was definitely a worthy investment. The Newton School works hard to educate, nurture and raise your child to reach their full potential. I doubt you’ll find any other school with as much commitment to educating the whole child (academically, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally). The leadership and staff are committed, passionate and work very hard to help your child learn how to learn. Before my son started Newton, I feared he may never learn to read or perform simple math. Now he is confident at both math and reading and I am proud of his critical thinking skills. My son has attention and processing issues so school has been not without it’s share of challenges and difficulties along the way. But the school always worked with me at addressing any difficulties as they arose and because of that, all of them proved to be valuable learning experiences that helped to shape my son’s growing intelligence and maturity. It’s very special when your child feels deeply appreciative and loving towards his school. I wish that for every child, especially those who struggle with learning challenges like my son did.”

— Mom to a seventh grader

“We started our son at The Newton School two years ago. At the end of his first day, he jumped in the car and announced ‘This school is the perfect fit for me!’ He was excited about all the new things he was learning and was thrilled that he didn’t have to sit in his seat throughout the day. Every teacher at The Newton School is welcoming and exudes an amazingly positive attitude. The curriculum is adjusted to the needs of the individual student so that they can learn at their own pace. Social skills are weaved into everything they do – students are encouraged to learn expected behaviors and how to positively interact with their peers. The Newton School has been life changing for my son and our entire family. He’s happy, he’s learning, he has friends, and he’s excited to go to school each day.” 

— Mom to a third grader