“We are so happy to join “The Newton School”. During th

“We are so happy to join “The Newton School”. During those two middle school years, my son really enjoyed the small class size and the teachers’ attention and supports. The school put extra effort to improve kids’ learning skills by hiring an external company to train their cognitive skills, processing speed and memories, etc. Big improvement on my son’s report card compared to the ones in public school. Because of the extra support he received, he became more motivated and more enthusiastic about school work. He loved to participate in class discussions and willing to complete his classwork and homework on time. My son also so looked forward to attending the field trip that occurs every Thursday. He also loved the movement in between the classes. Allison and the teachers are very supportive and responsive to the family needs. Parents received daily sheets with written comments from each teacher about how the student is doing on each subject. School buses have made life easy for parents each day. Before my son came to “The Newton School”, I was very skeptical about this place. Now, I am glad I made an excellent decision; and I wish I would have brought him here earlier.”

— Mother of an eighth grader