“This morning as my son was getting ready for school, he wa

“This morning as my son was getting ready for school, he was all smiles. He cracked jokes, sang silly songs and talked to me about his week. I moved him from LCPS to the Newton School about a month ago. Before the move, getting ready for school was an entirely different ordeal because my son was filled with dread, despair and hopelessness. I would feel a little queasy when I dropped him off at school because he felt so defeated before even walking in the door. It’s hard for even me to believe that this was our life just one month ago. 

Once my son started at the Newton School, everything turned around. The school quickly restored my child’s love of learning and his confidence returning him to a happy, fun-loving kid. And not only is he happy, he told me last week that he found his toughest subject, writing relaxing! This is the most positive thing he has ever said about writing. Kudos to the fine teachers and staff at Newton for bringing the joy back to learning and restoring my child’s confidence and sense of self-worth!! “.

— Mother of a fourth grader