“The Newton School is an extraordinary school with amazing

“The Newton School is an extraordinary school with amazing leadership and heart. My son has attended The Newton School for 7 years and it was definitely a worthy investment. The Newton School works hard to educate, nurture and raise your child to reach their full potential. I doubt you’ll find any other school with as much commitment to educating the whole child (academically, socially, physically, mentally and emotionally). The leadership and staff are committed, passionate and work very hard to help your child learn how to learn. Before my son started Newton, I feared he may never learn to read or perform simple math. Now he is confident at both math and reading and I am proud of his critical thinking skills. My son has attention and processing issues so school has been not without it’s share of challenges and difficulties along the way. But the school always worked with me at addressing any difficulties as they arose and because of that, all of them proved to be valuable learning experiences that helped to shape my son’s growing intelligence and maturity. It’s very special when your child feels deeply appreciative and loving towards his school. I wish that for every child, especially those who struggle with learning challenges like my son did.”

— Mom to a seventh grader