“The dedication of the teachers and their whole approach ha

“The dedication of the teachers and their whole approach has given back our two children a love of learning – something they lost in public school. The kids love the celebrations, science experiments, and field trips. They are constantly challenged but supported to achieve success – our daughter delights in reading at an accelerated pace simply not available in public school. 

The small class size, experience and training of the teachers has contributed to the revolution. Our son has told me, many times, that for the first time he is able to think at school. At 11, he knows he needs a small classroom and the focused support. He recognizes the benefits of a quiet environment with lots of movement in between to burn the energy and stimulate the whole body. 

The daily report provides detail, clarity and content for dinner conversation and, most importantly, an awareness of what happens in our children’s lives at school beyond anything we were able to ascertain from FCPS – even with similar tools in place – the difference in the quality of the communication is key. 

Further, our home life is much more happy and peaceful. No more tears over homework. ” 

— Parents of a third and fifth grader