“Sometimes in life things just seem meant to be. That’s t

“Sometimes in life things just seem meant to be. That’s the way we feel about our son and The Newton School ─ a perfect match. He tried his best at our public school. But the traditional school environment, where he had to sit for long blocks of time with lots of classroom distractions, just wasn’t a good fit, despite everyone’s best efforts. Inquisitive and hard-working, the last thing we wanted was for him to lose his enthusiasm for learning but over time his anxiety about school rose. We knew we had to make a change. We thought about the qualities we would like to see in a school that would provide our son with the best environment to thrive ─ a well-rounded, strong academic program in a nurturing atmosphere; an appreciation for the distinctive strengths and challenges of each student with plenty of physical activity woven into the overall educational experience; a highly talented and accessible faculty and administration; and a close bond between the school, students, and their families. All the above is exactly the school Allison Abraham has created in Newton. Now at the dinner table our son talks about his school day with a big smile on his face. Bravo Newton! ”

— Father of a second grader