“This is my son’s first year at the Newton School and he

“This is my son’s first year at the Newton School and he is thriving! Even with the challenges associated with a pandemic, the head of the school, Allison Abraham, and the highly-talented teachers/staff have managed to keep the school running in-person — all year long — without incident. The school was very upfront about what safety measures (both in school and at home) were needed to keep the entire community safe … and it worked! I also find that the school as a whole to be very transparent, has clear communication and truly believes in supporting the positive growth and development of its students as well as the entire school community.

“As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Newton School is unique in that it addresses the “whole child,” focusing not only on academics, but their social and emotional growth as well. The school is able to accomplish this through its small group instruction, personalized attention, and respectful/supportive culture, as well as its integrated social and movement programs. This, together with the school’s highly qualified teachers has given my son the individualized support he needs to succeed. Furthermore, the school has helped build my son’s confidence and self-esteem through positive reinforcement, classroom responsibility, community outreach, and character development. We also love the fact that we receive daily sheets with written comments from each teacher about what and how our son is doing in each subject. It even includes a current event/hot topic discussed at school, which makes for great conversation at the dinner table each night.

“The Newton School is a very special place and we truly are blessed to be a part of it. The school recognizes and accepts my son as an individual, considers his learning needs, and creates appropriate growth opportunities — what more could you ask for! Thank you Newton School!”


— Mom of a fifth grader