Social Curriculum

The Newton School incorporates a school-wide social curriculum, focusing on themes of “Kindness” and the “Growth Mindset”, which is integrated into the school day by all teachers. Developed by Speech and Language Pathologist exclusively for The Newton School who is employed full-time by the School, the program directly teaches social understanding covering topics such as referencing, flexibility, building on the ideas of others, social perspective, conversational skills, and body language. Students work directly with a Speech and Language Therapist twice a week in small groups, and then practice their skills in the classroom, movement, field trips and other school activities. When students demonstrate behavior that is consistent with our themes, it is highlighted through recognition programs called “Kindness Stars” for the Lower School grades K-4, and “Caught Being Kind” for grades 5-8. The emphasis our social program on helps create a positive, friendly environment and helps extend our student’s learning beyond traditional academics.