Lower School

Our Lower School (K-4) academic goals are guided by the Virginia Standards of Learning. Reading, oral language, writing and math are key priorities and are taught by trained faculty in grade-appropriate 30-60 minute sessions. Small group lessons are conducted for all subjects in a structured, supportive environment.

Our reading curriculum includes a variety of programs and activities, depending on students’ needs. Students read a wide variety of materials to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Students take regular trips to local libraries and read for 30 minutes each night as homework. Our writing curriculum incorporates Handwriting without Tears™ and a variety of supports to assist in letter and word formation. Students use graphic organizers and a structured process to assist in developing writing skills. Students write and type using laptop computers provided by the school. Math focuses on problem solving, using manipulatives and real life examples. The emphasis is on understanding concepts versus rote memorization.

Science and social studies focus on increasing our student’s knowledge by using a wide variety of mediums to teach the information in an engaging way. Each subject is taught in 2-4 week units that include field trips, experiments and hands-on activities. During non-COVID impacted school years, field trips have included trips to the Capitol in Washington D.C., Mount Vernon, The Kennedy Center, The National Air and Space Museum, The Adventure Theater at Glen Echo, the National Building Museum, a cherry blossom boat cruise on the Potomac River, and the Washington Monument.

Art, music, coding, and yoga have professionals who teach each subject 1-2 times per week.

The Newton School provides Chromebooks for all students and uses Google Suite of products. The 15,000 square foot facility has wi-fi so students may access educational school programs or use the internet from any location in the building.