Science Fair

All students at the Newton school worked hard over the final few months of school to put their science knowledge and hypotheses to the test for the annual Newton School Science Fair! There were a variety of experiments dealing with changing temperatures, chemical reactions, biological growth, and many more as students conducted exciting experiments. The winners from each grade are listed below as decided by resident science expert Ms. Knight and her lab assistants. Every year students and faculty look forward to viewing their peers studies and developing a stronger understanding of the scientific method!

Winners were: 1st grade – Mason and Sarah, 2nd grade – Evan and Tyler, 3rd grade – Adam, Skanda, Kairav and Joseph, John and Victoria, 4th grade – Robbie, Izzy and Alex, Jonathan and Sam B, 5th grade – Sam A and Ellis, Miles, 5/6th grade – Jay, Erin and Fletcher, 7th grade – Aidan, 8th grade – Olivia. Congrats to all these amazing future scientists!!