Sully Plantation Historical Site

November 20, 2019

Last Friday grades 2-4 traveled to Sully Plantation Historical Site to learn about slavery and life during the 19th century. Sully’s Museum Education Program brings a hands-on, personalized look at life during the Richard Bland Lee family’s residency at Sully. We learned all about the cooking techniques, farming jobs, clothing, slave life, and schooling of the residents during the time. Thank you to the Sully Historic Site for having us out!

Natural History Museum Trip

November 13, 2019

Yesterday Grades 7-8 students traveled to DC to explore the Natural History Museum to further understand our world and our place in it. We began the trip with a special science program where students put the scientific method to practice – ask a question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test with an experiment, analyze data, and draw conclusions. We examined insects like the New Guinea Walking Stick to marine creatures like ammonites and sharks. From there, we got to go check out the amazing exhibits the museum has to offer from the Hope Diamond to Narwahls to the amazing Fossil exhibit. We even got to spend time with some very friendly butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Reston Zoo Trip

November 8, 2019

A trip to the Zoo! Yesterday our 5th and 6th grade students had the opportunity to head over to the Reston Zoo! The group began the adventure with a “Zoofari” where we fed and learned about animals such as zebra, bison, buffalo, deer, and llamas. From there, we took a walk around the zoo, observing the likes of a giraffe – “Waffles”, cheetahs, sheep, goats, rabbits, many colorful birds, and even a few reptiles.

Service Project

October 3, 2019

All students participated in a service project on October 2-4, to prepare almost 200 lunches for families in need in our area. The Newton School conducted this initiative in conjunction with Cornerstones Embry Rucker Community Shelter located in Reston, near the library we often visit. Students learned about why families might be struggling and watched a short film on this. We then put out math skills and organizational abilities to work with each student making 2 lunches – 4 sandwiches – 8 pieces of bread – plus meat and cheese – to create a nutritious and filling meal. We decorated our lunch bags with positive and kind messages, and packed them all away for delivery. Our students did a wonderful job with this project and we were very proud of their dedication to service!

Internet Safety Presentation

October 1, 2019

Last week, Deputy First Class Ethan Martin from the Crime Prevention Unit at the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office came to The Newton School to meet with all students in grades 5-8 to review Internet Safety. He covered how to appropriately use technology including:

– The risks for social media
– Posting in general (Remember – Nothing ever actually goes away on the Internet!)
– How to use privacy settings
– Cyber-Bullying – what it is and how to prevent it
– How to spot people trying to get your personal information
– The risks of on-line gaming

He particularly emphasized not interacting with people you do not know on the Internet including playing online video games with strangers. This was probably the most engaged and knowledgeable that I have ever seen this group with an external presenter. Their hands were up before he even started to speak and they continued with questions and comments for the full hour. A few of them knew more than he did about some of the topics! Many thanks to the Loudoun County Sheriff Department and Deputy Martin for such an informative and engaging presentation!!

Reston Zoo Visit

September 23, 2019

Our Kindergarten and first grade students had the awesome opportunity to go on an exciting field trip to Reston Zoo! Watusi, lemurs, and Buffalo frolicked happily as we observed and enjoyed their early fall festivities in our safari! We brought carrots and lettuce stocks to feed and pet many of the animals, including Waffles, the giraffe! In addition to our “Zoofari” and feeding experience, we journeyed to the aviary where we fed small birds and they perched atop our heads and shoulders. (A little scary for some, including Mr. Wait) It was a great trip for all and we look forward to learning more about animals later this year!

IMAX Viewing of Apollo 11

September 23, 2019

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, our 7th and 8th grade students voyaged to the Udvar Hazy IMAX center for a special viewing of Apollo 11. We marveled at the immense bravery of the astronauts and the brilliant chances the whole United States space team took to put man on the moon half a century ago! The film was inspiring, and visually nothing short of glorious! Following the film we exhibited the Space exploration portion of the museum and came up close with the Space Shuttle Discovery. We rode the elevator to the observation deck and watched some of the air traffic to and from Dulles Airport before venturing back to school for lunch.


June 13, 2019

Our graduation ceremony was held at Patton Hall this year in Sterling, VA, a beautiful and convenient location nearby, where we all had ample space to see the graduates, watch the middle school performers in their “Show on Broadway”, peruse the Science Fair, and enjoy some social time & cake. We loved the new venue and plan to use it again for future events!

Congratulations to our Kindergarteners (Claire, Audrey, Mikael and Pierson) on moving up to first grade! We are so proud of the adorable group who made exceptional progress on following the group plan, responding with kindness, and having a Growth Mindset! And many thanks to their teachers, Mrs. Griffiths and Mrs. Bender for helping them achieve their goals!

With great sadness, we say goodbye to our 8th graders (Henry, Hailey, Erin and Walker) who will be moving up to high school – and they are ready for the next level of life’s challenges! They are off to Virginia Academy, Arlington Tech, LCPS and Fusion Academy – and a big congrats to them all for their accomplishments. They will all be missed!

We want to take a moment and thank all parents for such a great school year. We appreciate the trust in us with your child’s education. We love them all! Enjoy the summer!

Science Fair

June 13, 2019

Our students showed creativity, perseverance, and  impressive insights as they developed, executed and analyzed their Science Fair projects this year!  We had a wide range of experiments including a student developing a mathematical equation  to see if the calorie count on marshmallows was accurate (Noah W.), a group of 5th graders freezing igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks to see which was most damaged by the process (Claire H., Victoria and Patrick), to determining if and how plants would be affected by oily substances on their leaves (Noah H., Christian and Michael S.).  Each project was judged by our panel of scientists, and Science Fair awards were given at Graduation to our 26 students across all grade levels.  We know we have some budding scientists in the group and could not be more proud of their love of Science!!

Watershed Clean-up Project

May 29, 2019

Clean-up, clean-up, everybody everywhere! The 6-8th grade students of The Newton School took time out of their academic day this morning to contribute to the watershed clean-up project, in conjunction with the Reston Association. The students first got a quick overview on why keeping our areas near water litter-free is important and then put on their gloves and got to picking up trash and recyclables! Thanks to the students who put in the hard work for the environment and thank you to the Reston Association for having us out!

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