Multicultural Day

Take a trip around the world! Just before winter break, the students of The Newton School put on a dazzling Multicultural Celebration for the families of the school. The countries represented from the lower school were Kenya, China, Greece, Russia, and Germany. Represented in the middle school we had Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and India.  The  students integrated their learning across many subject areas – they made flag t-shirts in Art, studied the music and theater from their areas, researched the food choices. Parents arrived on December 19th so see music, dance and video performances by all students, view the presentation boards on the countries, and enjoy some delicious food! Highlights were escargot from France, churros from Mexico, spanakopita from Greece, and individually prepared spicy African stew – among many, many choices. Many thanks for Mrs. Sigety for creating such an amazing learning experience for our students and many thanks to parents for your tasty contributions!