Internet Safety Presentation

Last week, Deputy First Class Ethan Martin from the Crime Prevention Unit at the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office came to The Newton School to meet with all students in grades 5-8 to review Internet Safety. He covered how to appropriately use technology including:

– The risks for social media
– Posting in general (Remember – Nothing ever actually goes away on the Internet!)
– How to use privacy settings
– Cyber-Bullying – what it is and how to prevent it
– How to spot people trying to get your personal information
– The risks of on-line gaming

He particularly emphasized not interacting with people you do not know on the Internet including playing online video games with strangers. This was probably the most engaged and knowledgeable that I have ever seen this group with an external presenter. Their hands were up before he even started to speak and they continued with questions and comments for the full hour. A few of them knew more than he did about some of the topics! Many thanks to the Loudoun County Sheriff Department and Deputy Martin for such an informative and engaging presentation!!