Kirk Martin Parent Workshop
Parents and students of the Newton School had the awesome opportunity of learning from Kirk Martin and his son Casey through their Celebrate Calm workshop! Kirk Martin founded Celebrate Calm in 1996, having learned through his experience raising his own child as well as neuroscience research and personal mentoring with over 1,000 students across the U.S. Kirk shared his knowledge with parents in an engaging, humorous and relevant manner – applying his expertise for their specific situations and offering hope when things can seem impossible! In addition to Kirk’s insight, his son Casey offered his own perspective of how to deal with difficult situations with parents, peers, and teachers. Our Middle School students asked a variety of personal questions and shared anecdotes to search for a good way to balance their emotions and responses to difficult situations that they face. Both our students and parents learned a lot from the Martins and look forward to applying what they learned into their everyday lives. Stay calm!!