Heeling House Visit

Our new neighbors, Heeling House, a non profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of kids through the use of Animal Assisted Interactions, visited The Newton School yesterday! Jolene (who just had 10 puppies last summer) and Pika, were perfectly behaved as our students learned about service dogs, asked questions and interacted with our furry friends.

The organization will also be offering a dog training & interaction classes as part of our next session of afterschool activities (November – January 2019). It looks like the class for grades K-4 will be Mondays from 3:30-4:30, and the class for the students in grades 5-8 will be on Wednesdays. More info as the dates get closer!

Many thanks to Kathy, Brittany and Monica – and Pika and Joelene – for such a special afternoon! https://heelinghouse.org/