Guest Speaker Jane Goodall

“You inspire me!” The Newton School had the distinguished pleasure of hosting Dr. Jane Goodall for a special event! As part of our Roots and Shoots program and many thanks to the Graff family, Dr. Goodall visited the Newton School and imparted her fascinating wisdom on our students and many parents. After greeting us in English, French, and Chimpanzee, Goodall detailed many of her exciting adventures through stories and videos. We learned about the habits of chimpanzees and how alike the species are to humans! There were harrowing tales of a chimpanzee rescuing a fellow researcher, a redemptive tale of rescue involving Dr. Goodall’s sanctuary in the Congo, and many tales of the positive change and progress students like ours can make around the world. Our students asked a variety of questions after Dr. Goodall’s presentation, where we found out about her further environmental and ethological research involving baboons and hyenas. Students took pictures with Goodall and we all went home with a copy of her book. It was an absolute honor to have Dr. Goodall passionately speak to us and she had quite an impact on our students as well as the community at large, as seen in the Washington Post article¬†and mentions on the radio! We at the Newton School hope we can live up to Dr. Goodall’s inspiring example and create a better planet for the future!