Getting ready for the school year!

More than 25 professionals arrived at The Newton School on Monday, August 27th to prepare for the arrival of our nearly 90 students on Tuesday, September 4th. The group first participated in CPR/First Aid certification as, of course, the safety of all our students at school, in our enormous gym, or on our weekly field trips is important. Next, the group underwent multiple days of training to enhance our teaching skills and classroom management. Our most exciting morning was learning more about our newly installed Interactive BrightLink Systems (i.e. Smartboards) which were installed in all 16 classrooms over the summer. Many thanks to the anonymous donation from a family Foundation to get us started with this wonderful learning initiative! Our teachers also participated in a painting activity offsite to help us work together better as a group. You can now see these beautiful canvases of daisies up in the middle school area, helping decorate our four new classrooms that were built over the summer. All in all, it was an exciting week – and we are more than ready for our students to arrive on Tuesday!