Election Day
In an attempt to instill citizenship responsibilities early, all Newton School students voted today in as realistic a setting as possible. First, students were required to register which they did last week to prepare for today’s election. Today, they went to the polls, following “VOTE” signs around the school to direct them to the voting booths. They followed directions to first vote for the Presidential candidates and then turned their attention to two special Referendums:
1) Should Newton School students have a free dress day on the last Friday of the month?
2) Should Newton School students not be allowed to have any more field trips so they can spend more time in class?
Polls were supervised to prevent any voter fraud and were hand counted at the end of the day – and checked many times for accuracy.. All students received a custom-made “I VOTED” sticker for their efforts.
Many thanks to┬áMs. Swarns, our US History teacher, with support from our Civic’s teachers, Ms. Agans and Mr. Wait, for an amazing day of election learning at The Newton School!!