DC History Trip!

This week, students in grades 5-8 traveled to DC for a tour of the historic monuments and memorials to refresh their history knowledge and see these beautiful places up close. The groups, led by DC by FOOT amazing tour guides in their first trips in a year, started at the Washington Monument, and then turned around to be in the middle of the WWII Memorial. All took part in a scavenger hunt to find our state, the territories and the famous graffiti made by Kilroy. We then walked by the Reflecting Pool to the Korean War Memorial to learn about this conflict that is still ongoing, and then took a turn to the Vietnam Memorial. Many spent some time trying to find relatives on the wall among the 58,000 names of soldiers who passed away in this war. We ended our day visiting Abraham Lincoln – and the groups still had plenty of energy to run up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial – as that is our normal mode of travel – running! A trip to DC would not be complete without us getting stuck into a detour – on Wednesday, it was a processional for the Capitol Police officer where Constitution Avenue was shut down for driving and parking which added some time to our journey – or the bat that landed on the tour guide in the middle of her description of the Vietnam Memorial. That was a lot of excitement and learning for one day and it was wonderful to leave Sterling, VA for a field trip!