A Day of Team Building at AdventureLinks

The students in grades 5-8 faced the ultimate team building challenge this past week at AdventureLinks at Hemlock Regional Park in Clifton, VA!  Our students had to work as a cohesive group and rely on one another to complete a variety of tasks and games in a day long field trip. They crossed a “dangerous crocodile filled swamp” with only three logs, they swung across a deep and murky “Peanut Butter Pit”, and they rebuilt the “Pyramids”!  Each member worked on communication, planning, problem solving, leadership (and following others!), and having fun! There were added twists and challenges to every activity, sometimes utilizing only non-verbal queues or requiring blind folds – but the whole day was a learning experience in how to work with others and be successful as a group.  Following the group challenges, our students had the pleasure of riding the 160 yard zipline through the forest!  The students had a blast at AdventureLinks and more importantly, learned many valuable lessons to help them succeed.