Now Enrolling for Summer Program

February 17, 2017

Our summer program is ready to go and we are currently accepting enrollments.

Learning, Fun & Fitness: Our program focuses on academics (reading, writing and math) interspersed with lots of physical activity and social opportunities. We have specials each afternoon including art, cooking, yoga, swimming (at a local water park, typically Algonkian’s Volcano Island) and a local field trip.  Experienced teachers work with your child in small groups of up to 5 students who are grouped based on academic levels and possible friendships. The program runs for 8 weeks from June 26th through August 18th , 9-3pm each weekday. The cost is $500 per week, with a 10% discount for multiple weeks (4 weeks or more) and siblings.

Lunches for the Homeless Shelter

January 13, 2017

The students did an impressive job on our service project of making lunches for families in-need at the Embry Rucker Community Shelter in Reston. Due to your generous donations, they created 192 lunches, each with two ham or turkey & cheese sandwiches, bars, fruit, napkins, a spoon and water. That is over 750 slices of bread, more than 500 pieces of cheese and 50 pounds of deli meat! This was quite the math project – and a test of our organization skills!! We were also able to deliver 30 snack bags with additional items we had remaining.

The experience made quite an impact on our kids, recognizing that many people in our area do not have enough to eat every day. We will continue to participate in similar projects throughout the year to reinforce this message.

Holiday Performance

December 16, 2016

A “BRAVO” is in order for our entire student body following their fantastic Winter holiday performance! Parents, family, and friends gathered in the middle school lobby for an engaging afternoon of poetry, plays, and songs! We are so proud of all of our students and their incredible hard work with the wonderful assistance of our Drama instructor, Mrs. Sigety. Amongst the fantastic performances here was a hilarious retelling of Stone Soup by the 3rd grade class, a stirring story of the first thanksgiving by the 1st grade class, and a touching story of kindness through The Mitten by the 5th Grade! There were a number of musical numbers that required cooperation and coordination across all grades! Following the outstanding performance, everyone enjoyed desserts and socialized before the holiday. We wish all of our students, families, and faculty a wonderous and relaxing Winter Break and Holiday Season. We look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!

Winter Wonderland at the Senior Center

December 2, 2016

Joy was in the air, and the festive spirit was infectious as our students in grades 5-8 spent the afternoon decorating the Loudoun County Senior Center in Cascades!  We all worked as a team to put together a 12 foot tree, decorating with the best ornament feng shui.  There wasn’t a resting set of hands in the bunch as all of our students worked hard to ensure the room looked festive and fun!  We adorned the windows with wreaths and tied perfect bows around the various pillars, leaving the lobby area a majestic Winter Wonderland for the Holiday Season!  We are so proud of our students’ hard work in this charitable endeavor –  all our student’s felt good helping others in our community!  Many thanks to Erik at the Senior Center for making this an impactful event for our students!


Bingo Night

November 21, 2016

There were big wins, glorious prizes, and delectable desserts when the Newton School celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with BINGO, a mini-raffle and desserts for all!

Newton School families filed into the Middle School where they played five exciting variations of BINGO! Students and parents played their luck and paid diligent attention to the winning calls in hopes of attaining gift cards to Chipotle, Sweet Frog, Amazon, Regal Theaters and a variety of other popular destinations! Raffle tickets were available for exciting opportunities to see Washington Capitals crush the competition, to win two Kindle Fires & an Amazon gift card, as well as to take an educational and relaxing trip to beautiful Colonial Williamsburg! Winners were Silas, Henry and Tyler! After the games were over and the winners collected their prizes, the entire School enjoyed a wide variety of desserts contributed by our families. Everyone filled up on the outstanding, homemade treats featuring cakes, pies, and dream bars!

In all the excitement, the Newton School raised over $1,500. Thank you for your contributions and a happy holidays to all!

Kennedy Center Field Trip

November 17, 2016

Our students in grades 3-8 had the honor of viewing the world premiere of Where Words Once Were, a play at the Family Theater in the Kennedy Center. Set in an Orwellian future where citizens are only allowed to speak a specific list of 1,000 words, Where Words Once Were asked many important questions of our students. What do we lose in language? How do we communicate without words? What is the power that we have in language and vocabulary? The show left our students feeling empowered by the message and impressed with the quality of the performance. On the ride back to school, many students discussed the merit of the play and the awesome performances we witnessed! Where Words Once Were is playing until the end of November at the Kennedy Center’s Family Theater.

2016 Mock Presidential Election

November 8, 2016

Today, all of the students of The Newton School participated in a mock presidential election. Teachers brought their students to the lower school to find it transformed into a polling location. It was equipped with 3 private voting booths, ballots and a ballot box. After voting, the students were each given an, “I voted” sticker. Once the ballots were counted, the results showed that The Newton School students overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton. She received a whopping 478 electoral votes!

It was a great educational experience for the kids and they loved it! Tomorrow, the students will compare our results to that of the country.

Many thanks to Ms. Swarns (4th grade) for making this happen for our students!

A Day of Team Building at AdventureLinks

October 14, 2016

The students in grades 5-8 faced the ultimate team building challenge this past week at AdventureLinks at Hemlock Regional Park in Clifton, VA!  Our students had to work as a cohesive group and rely on one another to complete a variety of tasks and games in a day long field trip. They crossed a “dangerous crocodile filled swamp” with only three logs, they swung across a deep and murky “Peanut Butter Pit”, and they rebuilt the “Pyramids”!  Each member worked on communication, planning, problem solving, leadership (and following others!), and having fun! There were added twists and challenges to every activity, sometimes utilizing only non-verbal queues or requiring blind folds – but the whole day was a learning experience in how to work with others and be successful as a group.  Following the group challenges, our students had the pleasure of riding the 160 yard zipline through the forest!  The students had a blast at AdventureLinks and more importantly, learned many valuable lessons to help them succeed.

Guest Speaker Jane Goodall

September 27, 2016

“You inspire me!” The Newton School had the distinguished pleasure of hosting Dr. Jane Goodall for a special event! As part of our Roots and Shoots program and many thanks to the Graff family, Dr. Goodall visited the Newton School and imparted her fascinating wisdom on our students and many parents. After greeting us in English, French, and Chimpanzee, Goodall detailed many of her exciting adventures through stories and videos. We learned about the habits of chimpanzees and how alike the species are to humans! There were harrowing tales of a chimpanzee rescuing a fellow researcher, a redemptive tale of rescue involving Dr. Goodall’s sanctuary in the Congo, and many tales of the positive change and progress students like ours can make around the world. Our students asked a variety of questions after Dr. Goodall’s presentation, where we found out about her further environmental and ethological research involving baboons and hyenas. Students took pictures with Goodall and we all went home with a copy of her book. It was an absolute honor to have Dr. Goodall passionately speak to us and she had quite an impact on our students as well as the community at large, as seen in the Washington Post article and mentions on the radio! We at the Newton School hope we can live up to Dr. Goodall’s inspiring example and create a better planet for the future!

Children’s Science Center

September 16, 2016

We were overjoyed as we visited the Children’s Science Center in Fair Oaks Mall! All of our students became researchers and lab technicians as we studied and experimented with a plethora of science modules! We engineered hover crafts through a wind tunnel, calculated the potential energy of a Rube Goldberg machine while we tinkered with the pieces, we had the breath taking experience of touching Sea Horses and a miniature shark in the dry bar, it was a renaissance of research! We were assisted in all these stations by the fantastic staff who broke down the science behind many of the hands on exhibits, and walked us through the steps to perfecting our scientific methods! The lessons varied between grades but were always perfect for keeping our students engaged and thinking! We cannot recommend the Children’s Science Center in Fair Oaks Mall enough and look forward to new exhibits in the future!

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